The Motor Trike® is a patented retrofit for most popular touring motorcycles.
An installed Motor Trike® kits adds less than 200 pounds to the original
weight of the bike. Information on the size and weight variance on your
particular model can be obtained by looking at the different specification
sheets that are included in the information from Mid-State Trikes. The
enhanced handling and braking performance of our trike conversions in
addition to the stability and safety makes the step up to a trike a wise and
prudent decision.
Our fiberglass bodies are designed and manufactured at our plant in Troup,
TX. Our fiberglass bodies are hand laid. This is a very labor intensive
manufacturing process. Why do it this way? There are two reasons. The first
reason is the quality of the finish and the strength. The strength in a
fiberglass body is in the mat. The mat is actually weaved fiberglass material
that is laminated into the mold. Other fiberglass methods involve using a
chopper gun which shoots out a mixture of fiberglass resin and strands of
fiberglass. With chopper gunned bodies, you do not get consistent section
size nor do you have the same strength. The second reason we hand lay our
fiberglass is weight. Our bodies usually weigh 42-48 pounds versus a
chopper gunned body of the same size weighing approximately 120-148
pounds. This weight is all above the centerline of your body which is exactly
where you do not want it. Superior strength, light weight -- the closer you
look, the more you will experience the differences that our engineering,
manufacturing, and quality make in your trike.

Motor Trike® kits are currently available for Honda GL 1500, and the GL 1800
along with the Valkyrie and Valkyrie Interstate; Harley Davidson Electra Glide,
Road King, V-Rod, Deuce, Fat Boy, Heritage Softail, and the Dyna Low Rider.
New additions include the Triumph Rocket V, the Yamaha Roadstar 1700,
Kawasaki Vulcan 1700, and the Victory Cross Country, Cross Roads and Hard
Ball. Honda line of trikes includes the VTX Panther--it just might be the
ultimate cruiser.

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