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                                    HIZZ, HURZZ and OURZ
                                    Lois Brown
                       GWRRA 071168, TRI 006805-01

After 17 years of riding separate Gold Wings, we are finally riding two-up!
Initially, we both began riding individual motorcycles so our two children could accompany us on
the bikes. At that time, Kristen (10 years) and Rick (8 years) were our constant passengers and
didn’t care whether they rode behind Dad or Mom. Since we’ve always included our kids in all
our activities (church, horses, camping, cars, ice cream …) it made sense that we would also
share our motorcycling adventures as well. Now both our kids are happily married and have
motorcycle licenses of their own. The “old folks” continue to ride individual Gold Wings.
Rich and I try to do things together, and have for 31 years. So of course we share our love of
motorcycling! For the last four years, we’ve been Americade volunteers and served as co-
leaders for the Diamond Tour our first year and the Whiteface Mountain Tour for the last three.
It’s been a joy serving as volunteers, meeting so many fantastic motorcyclists, riding
approximately 200 miles a day, sitting under Route 87 (Northway) bridges during
thunderstorms, and serving “behind the lines” with other wonderful Americade volunteer
friends! Our matching 2001 pearl blue GL1800’s are readily identifiable with our “HIZZ” and
“HURZZ” license plates and they certainly do get attention and laughs!  
Fortunately Motor Trike’s big yellow trailer was still at Tourexpo and we found Jim and Marci
Jacobson, our friends and owners of Mid-State Trikes. I told Jim I was ready to have my bike
converted to a Motor Trike. Jim insisted that I ride one before making my final decision. So, the
following Saturday we visited Mid-State Trikes in Interlaken, NY and Jim gave me a quick lesson
on basics of handling a trike. What a wonderful experience! Motor Trike options were discussed
and chosen, payment was made and the conversion ordered. Rich and I rode home knowing that
my two-wheeler would soon be a three-wheeler!On July 30th, after serving as volunteers at our
local Hector Fair Car Show in Hector, NY, I rode my Wing to Mid-State Trikes. The following Friday,
August 5th, Jim let us know that the trike was ready to go home! It didn’t take long to get our
gear and high-tail it to Mid-State Trikes! A BEAUTIFUL pearl blue GL1800 Motor Trike sat in the
shop door as we drove in! It looked HUGE!
Americade 2005 was unusually wet (LOTS of
thunderstorms, beating rains and hot, humid
temperatures. Tree pollen was extremely
thick, with deep yellow pollen dust on
everything, including the lake surface. Some
said it was the worst pollen season theyd
ever witnessed! I, never having an allergy
problem, was stopped dead in my tracks with
all the symptoms, forcing me to “bow out” of
two days of tours (thanks, Ron Schroth for
filling in for me!). I stayed in the motel in air
conditioning keeping cool and out of the
pollen. Rich, bless his heart, continued as
tour leader and dealt with extreme heat,
heavy rain and thunderstorms each day. As
Americade drew to a close, we made one last
stop at Tourexpo to check out deals on
chrome, lights and accessories! At that
moment, knowing I wasn’t riding 100%, I
decided to swallow my pride as a woman
Gold Wing rider and have my Wing triked.
In addition, Jim, his brother-in-law Ross,
and Brad had worked through extreme
summer heat and humidity conditions to
have my trike ready for the 2005 New York
District GWRRA Rally in Watertown, NY
beginning the following Thursday. What
an excellent job they did and what a thrill
to ride MY Motor Trike for the first time!
The Aqua-Shields act as an important
reminder to NOT put my feet down at a
stop, and Motor Trike’s own “steering
assist” works like power steering! Both
Rich and I are very pleased and satisfied
with the end result!   
Sundays, we visit Rich’s mother near
Syracuse, NY, and of course we rode the trike on her maiden voyage! We realized that we could
now enjoy riding two-up; an experience we rarely shared on the two-wheelers. We had fun
talking to each other over the intercom and switching drivers during the hour-and-a-half one-
way ride. This was an unexpected benefit of converting to the Motor Trike! But I felt guilty that
Rich had to ride the trike with the “HURZZ” license plate, although he didn't seem to mind. With
the price of gas soaring, we found it more
economical to ride one trike with
approximately 34-36 mpg than two bikes
with 42-44 mpg each. We’re putting lots of
safe and happy miles on the trike, riding
two-up, and, as Rich says, “…with all the
enjoyment of motorcycling and none of the
The other day, I made another decision.
Instead of my “HURZZ” license plate, I
changed it to “OURZ”. Now no more guilty
feelings about WHO’S driving the trike; we’
re both covered! We look forward to many
more fun, safe and exciting miles as two-
up riders! Thank you Jim, Marci, and all the
wonderful folks at Mid-State Trikes and
Motor Trike! “OURZ” is a dream-come-
7221 Perry City Road, Trumansburg, NY  14886
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